mardi 22 avril 2014


[UMEBOSHI] Ren2 eyes -Toffee by Keiba
DeeTaleZ Shape Linh by Steffi Villota
DeeTaleZ Skins - Skin Linh A blonde Nordic by Steffi Villota
PICHI - HIGH SHIMMER LipColor [pearl pop] by Zxxrysa Magic
TRUTH HAIR Maisy by Truth Hawks
SAS - Rose I Dresses x 4 (with HUD) Mesh, on the picture 3 of the 4 color :)) by  Sascha Frangilli

I'm actually on holidays and probably back in 3 weeks
Sorry I'm so late to blog since february but I change some part of my computer :))
Feel free to drop me a notecard because my IM are always capted !

dimanche 20 avril 2014

Seduction by GizzA

Blah. Pochette Pose by hOShi Kimono
/Wasabi Pills/ Laura Mesh Hair - Iceberg by MissAllSunday Lemon
[UMEBOSHI] Ren2 eyes -Toffee- by Keiba
[VN]Overload Collar - Light @t Collabor88 Ivy Graves (Crushed Clarity)
DeeTaleZ Shape I Paige with Skin Paige A blonde Mixedtype by Steffi Villota
GizzA - Wild Seduction by Giz Seorn
S (and) P - Ecdysis Tattoo by Petiita Blackbart

vendredi 11 avril 2014

The Apartment

The Apartment by ABISS design 
by Oggy Bonetto and Oggy Bonetto

250 prims 
98% mesh structure (most floors are regular prims)
Day/Night texture change option
Panoramic image control - add your own images*
Rez-Faux system- easiest possible
High detailed textures 
Lighting fixtures and lamps are linked with structure and should not be removed


Footprint: 31 x 31 m 
* skybox is inside huge sphere ( 56m) ( optional)
Minimum parcel size required: 2048 sq. meters *

samedi 1 mars 2014


*noju* pose 0029 by Noju Jupiter
[UMEBOSHI] Ren2 eyes -Toffee- LB only by Keiba
(Dernier Cri) Ann 01 - Brown Shades by Asuka Martin
DeeTaleZ Shape Dawn with DeeTaleZ Skins Dawn A blonde Mixedtype and DeeTaleZ Tears tintableby Steffi Villota
Female_(R)_Bracelet_[MANDALA]Chunkeeey!!_24kGold by 菊之介王子 
Female_Long_[MANDALA]Kamayara_Dogtag_Necklace_Gold by 菊之介王子 
{Indyra} Calyx Jacket M: Red with Calyx Tank S-M: Blueby Indyra Seigo

mardi 25 février 2014


Imeka~katy-Pose 2 by Nati12 Koray (no longer in second life)
/Wasabi Pills/ Yun Mesh Hair - Ash by MissAllSunday Lemon 
{Indyra} Merci with {Indyra} Minka Crystal Flower Ring and necklace (sexy and elegant dress !) by Indyra Seigo
DeeTaleZ Shape Linh with Skin Linh B brown Nordic and (brightness 4) Tintable Lips for Individual coloring by Steffi Villota

lundi 17 février 2014

[Vieux Rose]

(r)M Hair No.17'14 ~ o6.4-Fantasy by Moni Schulze
*{ SeVered GarDeN }* DAWA - ROMANTIC (with HUD for Linear, Wild or Romantic)
[UMEBOSHI] Ren2 eyes -Toffee- LB by Keiba Resident
DeeTaleZ Skins - Skin Linh B black Nordic with Linh shape and brown fixer (love this skin so so much <3) by Steffi Villota

Sorry I'm really late for blog item, but I've got so so many work in RL
I'll be back probably soon

samedi 25 janvier 2014


AUSHKA&CO-Lara Pose by Aida Oxygen
TRUTH HAIR Candy - Black&Whites04Fade by Truth Hawks
DeeTaleZ Shape Linh with Skin Linh B black Nordic by Steffi Villota
[UMEBOSHI] Ren2 eyes -Toffee- LB only by Keiba
[sYs] MAJESTIC long dress by Systi Cisse
(FEMALE)_[MANDALA]FANTASY_ELF_Ears by Kikunosuke Eel

dimanche 12 janvier 2014

[ Collabor88 ]

1. [ bubble ] Vintage Radio -Strawberry by moonbubble and Trompe Loeil - Astrid Chair Branch {A} by Cory Edo @t Collabor88
2. [ bubble ] Vintage Radio -UK
3. GizzA - Spiked Boots [Black] by Giz Seorn
4. GizzA - Self-Defense [Black] by Giz Seorn
DeeTaleZ Skins Skin Cheryl B dark Nordic with DeeTaleZ Chreyl shape by Steffi Villota
AUSHKA & CO -Alix Pose 04 by Aida Oxygen

1. .:Standby Inc. - Furnace @t Collabor88 88l$
2. .:Standby Inc. - Akira Desk @t Collabor 88 188l$
3. [ bubble ] Vintage Radio -Strawberry by moonbubble
4. GizzA - Self-Defense [Black] by Giz Seorn

vendredi 3 janvier 2014

[ S A S ]

GizzA - Papillon Set by Giz Seorn
(r)M Hair No.15'13 ~ Light Ash Brown by Moni Schulze
DeeTaleZ Shape Cherly with Skin Cheryl B dark Nordic by Steffi Villota
SAS Menace Blue, reds, menace, monochrome by Sascha Frangilli

jeudi 2 janvier 2014

[ F i l l e t t e ]

{Indyra} La Fillette Collection (long and short) by Indyra Seigo
/Wasabi Pills/ Emily Mesh Hair - Iceberg by MissAllSunday Lemon
AUSHKA&CO-Elsa Pose Pack by Aida Oxygen
al vulo!- Mimi shape(modify) with al vulo- Mimi*  eyeliner blonde brow claveage sunkissed by Hlin Bluebird
GizzA - Papillon Set [Pink] Eyes Accessories by Giz Seorn
GizzA - Papillon Set [Pink] Necklace by Giz Seorn
GizzA - XMAS Horns [ J&A EXPO GIFT ] by Giz Seorn
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts by Sandi Moonites